Country Reef

A Sense of Place and being (Re)Placed


The Research Paper

Artist-Author Bio

Yara Elfouly is an artist-author and (re)searcher of narrative escapism as a third culture kid. She received a BFA with University Honors in Painting and Printmaking with a minor in Art History from VCUArts Qatar and was named Salutatorian for the graduating class of 2020. She has worked on local productions with Studio 20Q and the National Puppet Theatre, and participated in group exhibitions at the W Doha Hotel and Gate Mall, and (as of writing this) had recently held a solo exhibition, titled “Mind the White Walls” at VCUArts Qatar.

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Artist Statement

As a French-born Egyptian who has lived most of her life in Qatar, I use worldbuilding as a means to investigate my amalgamated identity, heritage and past. I (re)produce various painting, printmaking and drawing techniques as a method of empowerment, in which master narratives are challenged and overturned, in order to generate new histories. And as I (re)create writing scripts, maps or books, I craft a visual language comprising of personal mythologies, cultural iconographies and aesthetic intersections. It is artwork made through playfully studying the synthesis of different artistic traditions to create a speciated mode of representation. Through this process, I become a self-aware mirror that distorts and reflects myself and my surroundings with the intention of revealing idiosyncratic, hybridized and fluid entities. By doing so, I hope to share new points of view regarding the way the world can be seen and (re)seen.