Villains of gender

Muneera Al-Thani

︎ msaalthani

Artist Statement

As an artist, I find it very important to send a message and leave a mark in the world. My art is a personal message to the people and there are no limits to how far I’ll go with my art and thats the beauty of the whole journey, that is what motivates me to work even harder. My art changes throughout the years as does this fast-pacing life we are in. I think of my work as memories being captured through different modern day technology devices, whether it is a vintage poster that I digitally scanned or a photograph that I find intriguing enough to paint. I often use industrial materials, such as packaging tape, road signs and rope to define the space I am constantly surrounded in, which is my hometown Qatar with the many construction sites surrounding me.

The association of technology with my artwork is extremely significant to my daily life as it has also been a focus discussion within my work, technology plays a very big role in the world, to use these methods that have not been used in the early stages of art is what makes my work significantly  personal. I was always fascinated by the glitch that would happen on the TV when I was younger. The shift from a very colorful drawing-filled cartoon into straight blocks of contrasting colors is what made me question what goes on behind the system’s mind? I believe that I can create work that would leave the viewer with that same question I once had as a child.

Statement of Intent

My intention as an artist is to move the viewer’s mind into an uncomfortable space, I wanted to create a final piece that would not only make a certain amount of people uncomfortable, but to make them question the purpose behind what I did. The relationships between the images are fairly relatable, I wanted to capture the contradicting issues between gender. Men and women in our society to be specific, I wanted to create a chaos that is organized yet powerful. How I managed to do that was by literally taking a bedouin group of men and putting their heads on top of a woman’s body. A lot of men in my society would find this extremely disrespectful, I see it as a form of change, what is disrespectful about a woman? Is she not worthy to be put in the same space? Why are women mistreated, judged and looked down upon in our culture? Are we fighting a silent gender war without a victory? Most men in our culture perceive themselves as the superiors. That they hold more value and importance in our country. I as a woman want to show the viewers that it is not the case and this time, I am in control. That is the intention behind my work.


Villains of gender
Oil, Acrylic on Canvas
165 cm x 200 cm