Deepu Prathyusha

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Deepu Prathyusha is an Indian artist raised in Qatar. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar with BFA Honors in Painting and Printmaking, with a minor in Art History. She is a multidisciplinary artist who likes to experiment, making art using various mediums and techniques. Her artistic style keeps evolving, as she focuses on creating art inspired by her daily life experiences. Her current research focuses on making digital animations based on both real life experiences and her dreams.

Artist Statement

I always dream about things that I see around me and experience every day. These dreams are not always happy since the life that we live in is a mix of positive and negative thoughts. I imagine my work transforming all the time because our world keeps evolving as I live through it.

My work explores eight worlds, which are represented by eight colors. The colors used in each world are monochromatic, with tones ranging from dark to light. These worlds are created as animations, made using various digital techniques. I love the idea of layering and using multiple mediums because it shows the depth of my thought process. The layering process begins with initial sketches, collage images, and then, I add color and motion.

Through the layering process of sound and motion, I try to make a connection with all the worlds. I chose to animate each world because I have always loved seeing animations, and it always fascinated me how they were made. I think that because each world is animated in its unique way, it gives a different feel, which I want it to be expressed through the worlds so that they all look unique and personal to me.

Thought Process

> Initial Sketches

> Colored Sketches

> World Gifs

Project Statement

This project is about eight unique worlds based on my dreams. These worlds are divided into themes like isolation, magic, sea life, nature, co-existence, food, personalities, digital domination. I made each world by collaging images digitally and animating them. These worlds are represented in eight different colored, comical animations because that’s how I imagine them to be if they existed. Each world is shown in tones ranging from light to dark to show depth and my thought process. These animated worlds have been made based on what I have experienced in real life or how I see the real world through my dreams.