Aisha Al-Ziani

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Project Statement

With this global Pandemic and Lockdown, it has been very challenging to be creative and productive. My animated video translates the struggle of artist block in isolation. Completely losing the motivation to do anything but still wanting to fit in and struggling to get responsibilities done. It’s something that can leave you feeling very lonely and ashamed as in a society like ours, we are programmed to think that the more productive we are, the more important or valuable we are.
With my video I am attempting to convey what it feels like to be in that state of mind. An attempt of connection and communication. As I am sure that many are going through it but don’t bother talking about it.

“Who am I when I’m not doing anything?” “Who am I when I’m not running around chasing something illusionary?” “Why am I here?” These are some questions that I found myself asking, when there was nothing left to do, nothing to distract myself with. This state of mind can lead to many questions, but then, on a positive note, can lead to many answers.

This Pandemic has put us all in isolation and has made us face some aspects of ourselves that we’ve been avoiding for the longest time. It is showing us some of our deepest fears and our biggest obstacles. I think this is a great opportunity for growth and expansion. If we all understood ourselves a little better than we did before, we’d be a better society coming out of this challenge.

I would like my video piece to be open for interpretation regardless of what I said, I would like everyone to find their own story in it.



Aisha Al-Ziani is a Qatari Multi-media Artist with several years of experience in different fields including, Singing, Painting, Videography, Photography, Presenting, Emceeing and Social media. With this vast interest in art, she was able to create networks and connections all around the country by being an active member of the creative community in Qatar. She aims through her experiences to always look for new creative ways of self-expression, self-expansion and improvement.

Artist Statement

As a multimedia and multidisciplinary artist, I am constantly looking for ways to combine my different practices to make art. Combining my love for music with my photography, videography and drawing and painting skills. I like to use all my skills in all different forms of art to tackle different societal topics, social movements, mystical ideologies ex. Feminism, spirituality, social justice, hierarchy in society etc.  I do that as subtle as I can as I do not believe in aggression and blame as a problem-solving tool and in that way, I could be suggesting and promoting healthier critical thinking that can lead to change rather than resentment.

My creative practice mostly reflects my opinion and ideas and how I perceive the world around me. what I intend for my art to do is to add something of value to this world, whether it be through music, visual art, words, writing, poetry etc. I would like my art to spark something in the hearts and minds of the viewers and audiences, whether they are aware of it or not.

I like to think of art as a possibility for connection, a means to an end. Art can break through many barriers and deliver a message that would be hard to understand with words, creating space for compassion and empathy to grow.